With full CASA certification (CASA Number 1-WKV3X-01) and insurances, we provide a range of industrial and commercial services, including aerial photography & cinematography, post production, spacial mapping, GIS and aerial asset inspections. Scroll down to learn more.

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Who we are

We are highly qualified sUAV (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) pilots, skilled camera operators, experienced cinematographers and innovative technicians we carry out fresh and amazing video production, photography, inspections, mapping and custom UAV solutions.

With the right balance of modern ingenuity, practical experience and innovative thinking, our team is unique, providing the creative direction, capability and technical skills to achieve outstanding results for client and project, using the latest in technology and UAV operational skills.

Our clients are genuine, diverse, creative and are looking to deliver quality and variety on their projects. From community groups to large industrial and commercial companies we service a wide cross section of the community from all areas of Australia.

Meet the team...

Nick Smith
Director / Chief UAS Pilot
    Peter McMurry
    Producer / Cinematographer / Editor
      Matt Holmes
      Chief Technical Officer

        What we do


        With a range of different cameras and lens payloads available we can shoot your project in the most appropriate format. With cutting edge stabilised gimbals and the best cameras and lenses available you can be assured of the highest quality aerial video.


        With a range of amazing cameras, lenses and operators at our disposal, the options for your project are really limitless when it comes to capturing stunning images for your project. Just think what low cost aerial images can add to your project.


        Employing efficient and light systems for transport and logistics our equipment can go anywhere you operate. With the ability to operate indefinitely in the field safely and efficiently we have the capabilities your project needs. 'Your imagination is our limit!'


        Using the latest in aerial mapping technology, we can provide the data you require for you mapping and survey requirements. With fast, responsive and flexible data acquisition and product delivery. Accurate DTM (Digital Terrain Modelling) is now at your fingertips.


        Asset inspections, environmental monitoring, progress reporting and custom aerial inspection consulting solutions for small, medium to large industrial projects. Aerial Inspections save money, "DE-RISK" projects, increase efficiency and improves safety.


        Our set of UAV's and payloads capabilities and pilot skills allow us to custom solutions that exceed clients project requirements. Our ability to think outside the square will add value to your project. If its done from the air then we can do it. Just ask how!

        How we do it


        Our experience, professionalism and capability combined with cutting edge technology development and systems allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible with UAV operations, adding 'VALUE' to your project and the bottom line.


        Our in-house training and staff development programs, allow us to build and develop on the experience and knowledge in operational effectiveness, UAV technology capabilities, professionalism, efficiency and a culture of innovation.


        Since 2009 Airsight Australia has been developing the core technologies, systems and aviation operations, developing 'HIGH VALUE' alternatives. We operate to the highest safety and efficiency standards industry wide.


        Airsight Australia is committed to ensuring the very highest levels of Health & Safety, with all systems and policies in place and under constant improvement, our WH&S policy and systems ensure total accountability and reliability in all areas of operations.


        Airsight Australia is a 100% carbon neutral operation. With an environmental management system in place, regular reviews, carbon offset projects and management support. Our environmental credentials set the benchmark in sustainable operations in Australia.


        Using innovative risk management and reporting systems, UAV aircraft and no in air pilot Airsight Australia removes many of the standard risk's associated with aerial imaging and data acquisition, important for low altitude operations and high risk sites. We 'DE-RISK' projects.

         Why sUAS?

        Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), provide immediate high-quality aerial intelligence. Airsight Australia's sUAS are deployed in minutes in any weather environment and are easily controlled by ground personnel - for many applications, collection of aerial images and video by sUAS is faster, safer, more accurate, and more cost-effective than satellites, manned aircraft, or ground-based alternatives.


        Projects / Blog

        Airsight Australia donated their time and aerial video production skills to help out on the production of the Live for Kids ride from Gold Coast to Newcastle charity bike ride.

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        • Golf Course Vertical

        • Pipeline inspection and monitoring

        • NIER & Newcastle University R&D program

        • Rapid Mapping Applications


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        Getting in contact with us

        We make ourselves available to our clients both locally and globally. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements or to learn more.

        With offices in Newcastle and Brisbane we can quote on projects all over Australia.

        Nick Smith
        Director / Chief UAV Controller
        Mobile: (+61) 0405 905 056

        Newcastle Office
        2/2 Frost Drive,
        Mayfield West NSW 2304

        Brisbane Office
        5/35 Limestone Street,
        Darra QLD 4076

        Postal Address
        PO Box 97,
        Wickham NSW 2293

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